Bio-Caps GmbH had reason to celebrate on November 30, 2023, as their "Home" variant coffee capsules received not one, but two significant certifications. The Industrial ABAP10070 according to AS4736 and Garden Composting ABAP20238 according to AS5810 awards were the result of rigorous testing procedures, affirming the versatility of these capsules in terms of compostability.

The Industrial ABAP10070 certification according to AS4736 confirms that Bio-Caps' coffee capsules meet stringent requirements for industrial composting. Tests have demonstrated these capsules can effectively biodegrade in industrial composting facilities.

Equally relevant is the Garden Composting ABAP20238 certification according to AS5810, confirming the capsules' suitability for both home composting setups and private gardens. This certification underscores their ability to break down in various composting environments.

The certification procedures involve detailed tests, including examinations involving earthworms, to assess the environmental impact of the coffee capsules. These tests encompass the survival rate and weight loss of worms in a mixture of artificial soil and compost, both with the tested capsules and in a control group without them.

These obtained certifications mark a significant stride toward environmental friendliness for Bio-Caps' coffee capsules. They showcase the company's commitment to sustainable packaging solutions that can be utilized in both private households and industrial settings.

These certifications according to AS4736 and AS5810 hold particular relevance in Australia and New Zealand. Established by the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA), these standards set the requirements for biodegradable plastics suitable for composting. In the regions of Australia and New Zealand, these certifications hold great significance in confirming product suitability for industrial and home composting, enabling eco-friendly disposal.