Status: 12.10.2023
COC Bio Caps

Code of Conduct


Bio-Caps GmbH is a company of BIO CAPS AG.
The companies of BIO CAPS AG are active in the five core areas of Engineering Injection Molding Biopolymer, R&D Compostable Biopolymers, Mechanical Engineering and Machinery - IT with subsidiaries or in operational business units and offer customers customized engineering and material solutions from almost all technical fields. BIO CAPS AG is a leader in the field of oxygen-tight, compostable biopolymers and coffee capsules and the associated mechanical engineering and holds the world patents.

As an employer in the technical sector, BIO CAPS AG is aware of its social and ethical responsibility. With this Code of Conduct, we record the fundamental values that guide us. We expect our employees to respect these values and to practically implement the principles laid down here in their daily work. Likewise, we expect our suppliers to comply with the standards set out here.

The Code of Conduct of BIO CAPS AG is based on the following generally accepted guidelines:

  • United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • United Nations Global Compact
  • ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • Rio Declaration on Environment and Development
  • United Nations Convention against Corruption

Principles of BIO CAPS AG

Principle 1 | Respect for human rights

BIO CAPS AG is expressly committed to upholding human rights within its sphere of influence. We undertake not to participate in any form in human rights violations, either directly or indirectly.

We also expect our suppliers to treat all people with respect and fairness and to respect human rights in their sphere of activity.

Principle 2 | Upholding the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

BIO CAPS AG respects the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining. Employees are free to establish or become members of an employee representation. An employee may not suffer any disadvantages as a result of membership in a trade union. Likewise, employees or their respective organizations may negotiate and conclude company agreements or collective bargaining agreements at the appropriate level. Our suppliers must also respect the right of their employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Principle 3 | Upholding fair working conditions

BIO CAPS AG pays attention to fair working conditions for all employees in all associated companies. This includes compliance with the respective national regulations on working hours as well as the right to appropriate remuneration, which is based at least on the respective statutory minimum wages or applicable collective wage agreements. Likewise, all contractually agreed salaries, benefits and nationally prescribed social benefits are paid or deducted.

We also expect our suppliers to offer their employees fair working conditions and to compensate them appropriately.

In addition, BIO CAPS AG supports the further qualification of its employees. For this reason, BIO CAPS AG promotes the career development of employees through annual individual feedback interviews based on a standardized interview guide. In this way, employee appraisals help to promote the individual professional development as well as satisfaction of the employees.

Principle 4 | Elimination of all forms of forced labor, child labor and trafficking in persons

Bio Caps AG is committed to the prohibition of any form of forced labor. This includes all types of work or services that are forced from a person under threat of punishment or that a person does not perform voluntarily.

BIO CAPS AG requires that its suppliers also do not allow any form of forced labor in their company.

BIO CAPS AG is committed to the prohibition of any form of child labor. When employing minors, BIO CAPS AG observes the minimum age for admission to employment in compliance with national regulations.

BIO CAPS AG is committed to the prohibition of any form of human trafficking.

BIO CAPS AG demands that its suppliers do not tolerate any form of child labor or human trafficking in their company.

We expect our suppliers not to allow young employees to carry out dangerous work, to observe national regulations on the employment of minors, and not to hinder their education by employing children.

Principle 5 | Elimination of all forms of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation

BIO CAPS AG rejects any form of discrimination in the work environment. In doing so, we respect the privacy of our employees. We are committed to promoting equal opportunities and diversity and advocate that all employment decisions (for example, hiring, promotion, training and development measures) are made exclusively on the basis of the skills and qualifications of the person concerned. Aspects such as ethnic origin, religion or belief, gender, sexual identity, age, nationality, disabilities, social background, personal relationships or trade union membership must not influence employment decisions.

BIO CAPS AG rejects any form of sexual harassment of employees and takes action against it with all legal means.

Similarly, we expect our suppliers to promote equal opportunity and diversity and to prevent discrimination in employment decisions and sexual harassment.

Principle 6 | Observance of health protection and occupational safety

BIO CAPS AG observes the applicable national legislation on health protection and occupational safety. We consider it a central concern to offer our employees a healthy and safe working environment. We are committed to minimizing the risks to which employees are exposed by taking appropriate measures to prevent health impairments and accidents. The working conditions of our employees are designed to meet their needs and are subject to a continuous improvement process. All applicable legal requirements for health protection, workplace ergonomics and occupational safety are observed.

Our suppliers are also required to comply with applicable national health and safety legislation. Our suppliers must actively take measures to prevent work-related accidents, illnesses and fatalities so as to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for employees.

Principle 7 | Respect for the environment

Environmental protection is a matter of concern to BIO CAPS AG, which is why we attach importance to minimizing environmental risks and negative effects on the environment by taking precautionary measures. These include in particular:

  • reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,
  • keeping the air clean and thus increasing the quality of the air,
  • the management of natural resources,
  • the avoidance of waste,
  • the preservation of water quality and the economical use of water as well as
  • responsible chemicals management.

We ensure compliance with applicable national environmental laws, regulations and standards in all associated companies. Furthermore, we support the use of modern, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

We also expect our suppliers to protect the environment and to comply with applicable national environmental laws, regulations and standards. Suppliers must ensure that their activities do not cause any avoidable environmental damage.

Principle 8 | Combating all forms of corruption

BIO CAPS AG rejects all forms of corruption, including bribery and extortion. Decision-making processes must not be influenced in any way by undue benefits (cash, benefits in kind, pleasure trips, etc.). Conflicts of interest are to be avoided. Should a personal interest or conflict of interest exist, this must be disclosed. Disclosure shall not result in any disadvantages for the person concerned.

We also expect our suppliers to act against all forms of corruption and not to engage in unfair competition. Our suppliers may neither bribe or blackmail others nor accept bribes themselves. In addition, suppliers must not enter into any price agreements with competitors or similar arrangements.

Principle 9 | Protection of intellectual property and prevention of the marketing of counterfeit parts

BIO CAPS AG protects the intellectual property of customers and employees through appropriate technical and organizational measures.

Internal regulations prevent counterfeit parts from being put into circulation. These regulations must also be guaranteed by suppliers.

Principle 10 | Compliance with data protection and information security requirements

BIO CAPS AG ensures that the applicable data protection requirements and regulations are complied with when processing personal data. Furthermore, BIO CAPS AG ensures that the information security requirements for the processing of information of its customers, suppliers and employees are met.

General requirements

This Code of Conduct lists the minimum standards that all BIO CAPS AG companies recognize and that all BIO CAPS AG suppliers are expected to comply with. We see the definition and implementation of this Code of Conduct as part of our socially and ecologically responsible corporate governance and as an opportunity for us to support the sustainable development of society in the long term. Accordingly, we are committed to continuously improving the implementation of the standards set forth herein in our daily work.

All companies of BIO CAPS AG and their suppliers are aware of their corporate responsibility and comply with all legal requirements for corporate accounting. The traceability of all asset-relevant processes and business transactions is ensured by the factually correct and chronological allocation of the records.

It is assumed that all activities comply with national laws, rules and regulations as well as customs and export regulations. In this context, we particularly observe the international legal requirements and restrictions on export control and export restriction of security-relevant services and goods.

This applies to the employees of BIO CAPS AG as well as to all suppliers and their sub-suppliers. If suppliers use sub-suppliers, they are responsible for ensuring that all sub-suppliers also comply with these requirements. The supplier must communicate these standards to its sub-suppliers in a suitable form and ensure compliance with the standards.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct of BIO CAPS AG

BIO CAPS AG reserves the right to verify compliance with the standards set forth herein in an appropriate manner, for example in the course of audits, and to adjust them if necessary.

In the event of violations of laws and the standards set forth herein, we act consistently, including by taking legal action under labor law or terminating business relationships.


If you have any questions on the subject of sustainability and the Code of Conduct, you can contact the corporate social responsibility officer at any time at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Complaint Procedure and Whistleblower Policy

Information and complaints regarding possible violations of laws or the Code of Conduct can be reported via the company-independent portal at or in person by appointment at the office of the CSR Officer of BIO CAPS AG. The anonymity of the whistleblower and confidentiality are guaranteed under all circumstances. The whistleblower will be protected from retaliation or reprisals.


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